• Shirley Alexander
  • Dawn & Liz Bacare
  • Ellen Carr
  • Betty Capaldi
  • Dee Hilferty
  • Mary Rose
  • Christine Eisenschink
  • The Sisters

Sister Dorothy gave each member a copy of different Prayers to Saint Joseph being the month of March, a month dedicated to St. Joseph. We then prayed the Memorare to St. Joseph together.

Sister then asked each member to share a reflective feedback on their experience in visiting the Voorhees Pediatrics Facility whose mission is to advance the full life potential of medically fragile children by providing excellent holistic care in a supportive environment.

Here are some of the thoughts of the members who spent time there in different times:

  • I went there without any preconceived notions of these ‘special’ children. I went there with the thought that these were regular children with very special needs. This experience gave me a greater respect for caregivers. These children made me happy and they gave me a deeper appreciation for life in general.     (LIZ)
  • It was a very touching experience to see that, although these children have physical and health issues, they are happy children. Since most of them do not speak, they engage with their body language. I felt blessed in seeing the love poured out on these children.       (DAWN)
  • I was expecting to see depressed children; instead I found happy children who gave me back more than what I gave to them. They are very special children.
  • A smile from a child’s eyes spoke volumes to me.   (SHIRLEY)
  • I was touched when I saw this little girl following our youngest member and how she gravitated towards her. I had a different moving experience from what I had in past years. The experience put us in the ‘present moment’ and we did not think of anything else.   (CHRISTINE)
  • It felt good to see how these children are well cared for and also to see the receptivity of the children.   (ELLEN)
  • When I went in, I felt a warm feeling going through me. It felt so good. (BETTY)
  • I now appreciate my own two children and grandchildren more. I found out that my reading a book to the children brought excitement to them. (DEE)
  • I was apprehensive at first, but then when I saw this little 1 ½ year old girl really connecting with me, the other feeling left me.   (WENDY)
  • We are so few here that we consider you, the FRIENDS of BCT PRAYER GROUP, our extension.   You reach out to others and go to where we, due to different reasons, are unable to go.   (Sister Janice)


Friday, May 5: 6:00pm for the Transitus of BCT in the Sisters’ Chapel...

...followed by pizza, salad, fruit …..

Please let Sr. Dorothy if you will be attending in order to order the pizza.

Thank you.

“All for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.”

(Blessed Catherine Troiani)

Here are some photos from the sharing session: