1) I want to thank you for inviting me to the Transitus of Blessed Mother Mary Troiani. It was a wonderful experience and one I will never forget. I felt so spiritual, inspired and totally immersed in the service. The sisters did a wonderful presentation and I felt the warmth and love of the entire group assembled in the convent. It made me want to learn more about Blessed Mother Mary Catherine Troiani and the incredible life she lived. I felt safe and loved by everyone there and that is something that I rarely experience. God bless you dear sisters and I will continue to pray for her canonization.

2) I am writing to comment what I felt during the prayer service. When you were speaking and mentioning certain dates that are important in the life of Blessed Mary Catherine Troiani, such as readings from the Propositi and from her other writings, the only thought, or word, that came to me as I reflected on the words was - Vocation. I thought of your Vocation and the sisters that live with you, and the many sisters that live around the world that belong to your order. I know you can't speak for every religious of your order, but what is it about this particular order that drew you to unselfishly commit your life to serve God? How and when were you introduced to the life of Blessed Mother Mary Catherine Troiani? Was it something about her writings and Resolutions that inspired you that you felt the calling to join the order? If so, what was it specifically? Or was it something else? These are just some of the things I thought of during the service. Thank you all who said YES to serve the Lord and His Church!

3) I was at the chapel on May 6th. I was taken aback by the devotion which is a complete giving of themselves,(the sisters) and taken of vows. They aren't missing anything. They said they would renew them again. Poverty, chastity, and obedience would be hard for anybody, but to be thankful enough to renew these vows years later...greatly touched me. What a mission our Lord Jesus put in Blessed Catherine Troiani's heart! I feel myself changed by her mission and changed by the influence these sisters give to me every time I see and speak to them. It gives me hope for myself, for my daughter and for the world. My faith is stronger for ever having met these incredibly charitable and loving and giving sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I thank Jesus and His Mother for their order and I thank them with all my heart for their dedication and influence.

4) I feel blessed to have been part of such a prayerful service and to be among such a wonderful and holy group of people. The Sisters' chapel is such a beautiful place. It is an "oasis" in a hectic world. Peace and the presence of Jesus can truly be felt here. Thank you and the other sisters for sharing this evening with us.

5) Thank you for inviting us to join you and the sisters to celebrate Blessed Catherine Troiani's feast day. Liz and I enjoyed the beautiful service, food and fellowship. What touched me the most was learning about BCT’s life …. that she was aware of her special missionary calling, waited for years, and in middle age courageously followed through and became a leader of others to do God's work and save souls. We are so very blessed to be part of BCT Prayer Group. Thank you for teaching and leading us.