From ……… Blackwood to Glassboro …. With the help of many …..

Dear Sisters,

Saturday, April 23, marks the tenth (10th) anniversary of our community’s move to Glassboro. Through these ten years here, we have experienced many blessings, warmth, and loving welcome by the clergy, staff, and the people at St. Bridget Parish. It was not easy to leave our founding convent at St. Jude, but what we found in Glassboro (and still do) was and is a tangible sign that, even though we were uprooted from Blackwood, God planted us where we were supposed to be at that particular time. We will forever be grateful to Fr. Cadmus Mazzarella (Fr. Mazz) for offering us our first convent at #206.

Together, let us remember to pray for all of us, (here and abroad), for our beloved Sr. Gemma who was so much a part of this move, for Sr. Bernarda, and let us also be grateful for what we now have. It is OUR home/convent and we enjoy living in it. This is all fruit of the many sacrifices that were made.


May the Lord bless us and keep us!

May he show his face to us and

Have mercy on us!

May he turn his countenance to us

And give us peace!